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Teaching is a noble profession and needs a dedicated and sacrificial bend of mind. Our faculty members are well educated and expert in teaching with a humane outlook. They personally look after the progress of each and every student of the class and always ready to solve their problems.


The library has an adequate collection of various books by different authors covering various syllabi. The reference books are also kept in the library for serious study and references.



In one sentence, the discipline during student life means to follow the rules and regulations of the Board of Technical Education, Bangalore and obey the instructions of the principal of the institute. Nothing more. Nothing less. The student will have to maintain absolute self-discipline in the college and hostel campus. He/ She must also show respect and obedience to the staff of the institute. This attitude alone will create congenial atmosphere for study.

Everybody in this institute comes in the hope of achieving something great. Therefore everybody is a learner. No senior. No junior. At the most senior means elder brother/ sister and junior means younger brother/ sister. The feeling of brotherhood will eliminate the harmful and dirty psychology of ragging. This institute is very strict in such matters and if by chance, anybody is found guilty of ragging, the institute will not hesitate to rusticate him/her from institute without any second thought.
It should be kept in mind that in matters related to administration, training and discipline, the decision of the principal would be final and binding to one and all.

Moral Teaching and Personality Development


Normally the student joins the polytechnic as an adolescent. At that time he/she dreams about bright career. By the time he/she reaches final year, his/her approach becomes somewhat realistic and he/she feels that he/she needs lot of effort, courage and inner moral force to face the harsh realities of the world. We therefore educate him/her by combining professionalism with morality. It clearly means that professional knowledge may provide him/her happiness and comfort, but for leading a peaceful life, he/she should be a person of high moral character.

Almost all private and public sectors and multinational corporations are now providing free time to their employees for performing spiritual practice in a separate hall during office hours. It means that it has now become globally accepted fact that spiritual practice is helpful in releasing mental tension and developing work efficiency. We therefore see that the mind of our students adopts higher pursuit through spiritual practice, so that he may be able to lead a better and purposeful life.

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