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Hostel facility is also provided to the students who wish to stay there. The hostel building is situated within the college campus. Its ideal environment inspires students to study sincerely throughout the session. Almost all facilities like 24hrs water and electricity supply (generator is used during load shedding), toilets, bathrooms, indoor games (chess and carom), adjacent playground (for cricket, volleyball, football and badminton), News papers, T.V. (for English News and limited programs only) etc., are provided to the students. The professional cooks under the strict supervision of the hostel superintendent prepare the pure vegetarian food for them. The students living in the hostel must abide by the rules and regulations framed for the hostel.

Games, Sports, Extra-curricular Activities

Every body knows the importance of games and sports. In addition to keeping student healthy and energetic, it brings closeness amongst students of different temperaments & regions and helps them to understand each other in a better way.

We also arrange a pleasure trip to any good tourist place every year, so that they may understand the importance of living and traveling together. Such visits broaden the horizon of their minds and they visualize the society at large. Our students also attend free medical camp to realize that the service to humanity is service to God. New Year Day celebration and farewell party are regular occasions where students meet together to develop a humane outlook of life.


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